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St. Thomas Chiropractor Patient Reviews

See what our patients have to say about St. Thomas Chiropractor

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Thanks Dr. Buchar for seeing me on my first visit without an appointment.

Elizabeth E

I am very happy that I was referred to this office. It has exceeded my expectations and will share the love, greatness, and kindness. The wonderful Doctor Pat and his are very happy, and friendly. I will refer others as this great, family like place. Please continue to do your best. Much Love.

~Lafwa R.

Keep up the excellent level of professionalism, care and attention. With just 2 visits, I feel a great relief from the pain in my back and legs. Thank you! Sherri H.

Most Thorough

The most thorough visit I have had with a chiropractor i have ever seen, and the massage tables are amazing.

~Danielle S.

From the time I open the door I felt the warm Atmosphere. The workers A very helpful. The information that they give you is very clear and understanding. The doctor is phenomenal. The exercise areas it’s very helpful for your whole body. The days I’m going to The office that Day Can’t wait to get there. Thank you guys for all you do and all you say. Charlene A.

Breath of Fresh Air

Pat is like a breath of fresh air in this community. I’ve lived here for 23 years and, unfortunately, saw many health care professionals who I would describe as ‘below par’. It’s encouraging to have a young, professional who is enthusiastic and obviously committed to his practice and employs up to date techniques in this community.

I have been to 6 different chiropractors since moving here in 1994 and Pat is the first who diagnosed my cervical issues by taking x-rays and doing a thorough analysis of them. Based on this, he explained that I have a cervical problem and, outlined a treatment plan to remedy it. It’s obvious this problem did not develop overnight – but Pat is the first to diagnose it, explain it and recommend a comprehensive treatment plan. I have complete faith and comfort in him. Welcome to the Virgin Island and thank you.

~David H.

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